Protect Colony Farm Regional Park from Pipeline Construction

Sign our petition to protect Colony Farm Regional Park from pipeline construction!

Watch this 3 minute video about why this needs to be stopped!

Trans Mountain has been granted a two year permit to use 11 acres of Colony Farm Regional Park as a temporary construction site to assemble the pipeline before it is drilled under the Fraser River. The permit is for 2 years and was negotiated behind closed doors with no public consultation or inclusion of Kwikwetlem First Nations. 

Colony Farm was specifically protected to keep the lands in public ownership, to keep the lands open and accessible to the public, to preserve the agricultural capability of the land, to provide opportunities for public recreation and to protect wildlife habitat and enhance its biodiversity. Another goal was to ensure compatible land uses. We do not see construction of a pipeline to be a compatible land use at Colony Farm Regional Park. The Colony Farm Park Association is strongly opposed to this proposed use of a protected Park as a construction site.

What you can do:

  • Sign CFPA’s petition on
  • Contact to express your concern:
    • Metro Vancouver Chair Sav Dhaliwal
      • Phone: 604-420-8188
      • Cell: 778-228-0247
      • Email:
    • Port Coquitlam Liberal MP Ron McKinnon
      • Telephone: 604-927-1080
      • Email:

Media Coverage

Words of support

Words of support from Bill Wilson (1 minute video) – ““62% of Canadians personally believe that climate change is a major crisis. Metro Vancouver, why have you said “yes” to building infrastructure for fossil fuels that are killing people every day and destroying the planet we live on? Your decision goes against 30 years of UN reports on climate change and years of thousands marching in our streets demanding climate action. Your decisions ignored your obligations to the common good, and Metro’s Climate 2050 and Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action Plan. One day, the lands Trans Mountain wants to use will be under water because of the product shipped through this pipeline. Environmentally and economically, Canada’s energy super power status is threatened as the world shifts off of fossil fuels. Metro Vancouver, city counsellors, MLAs, and MPs, a safe, healthy future is threatened by Trans Mountain in Colony Farm Park. How dare you continue to look away by allowing this pipeline to be built.”

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